Walters, Snyder looking to continue momentum in Week 3 battle

Walters, Snyder looking to continue momentum in Week 3 battle

Two programs in southwest Oklahoma that have been behind the curve in recent years, are making a move in 2014. Walters and Snyder combined to win just three games a season ago. But both sit at 2-0 through 2 weeks of play.

 At Walters, Faron Griffin has built the program from the ground up.

"When I first got here they had gone 0-20," Griffin said. "It was first teaching them the fundamentals and how to play. Last year was teaching them how to compete and this year we're learning how to win."
In Snyder, former Cyclones' coach Robert Babcock has returned to coach an experienced bunch.

"We have a lot of seniors on our team and I think they've kind of figured out that they're toward the end and they want to make something special out of their season," said Babcock. "That's what I'm here for too. I want to make something special and we've got some good assistant coaches and our kids are working hard."

With Babcock returning to Snyder, his system has returned to the team, and in turn more players have wanted to be Cyclones this season. The complete makeover of the team makes them tough to prepare for. But Walters has an idea of what to expect.

"This year they're running a different scheme offensively which Coach Babcock is really good at," said Griffin. "They've got a different quarterback who's very elusive and a very threatening ball player. We're going have to really try to contain him."

"We definitely want to stop their run game," said Walters senior Cayden Bowles. "That's one thing that they look pretty dangerous at. Their quarterback looks pretty shifty. As long as we tackle the hips and get our jobs done, I think we'll be okay."

Meanwhile, since Walters is in year three with Griffin, they have an established identity. Since Snyder has seen what the Blue Devils have done the last three years, it's just a matter of executing defensively to slow Walters down.

"As soon as we got them on film our coaches looked at each other and thought 'we're going to have to play some ball.' This is a team that can run.. They can throw. They're a good team," Babcock said. "It requires quite a bit of preparation to prepare for a team that has that many formations and does that much stuff."

"They like to run the ball outside quite a bit so it's going to be a job for our defensive ends to contain that and just overall stopping the run plays," Snyder senior Jake Ayers said. "I think that's going to present a problem for us, but we've had a pretty solid defense so I feel confident that we'll be able to hold out."

The Cyclones and Blue Devils will get started in Walters on Friday night at 7:30 pm.