Tipton and Grandfield set for top 5 matchup

Tipton and Grandfield set for top 5 matchup
by Colin Deaver
When No. 2 Tipton and No. 4 Grandfield hit the field Friday night, not only is it a battle of top five teams, and possibly the dde factodistrict championship game, its a contest between two coaches who go way back. Grandfield's William Dickey coached Tipton's Travis White for five years when the latter was growing up, and they have remained friends to this day.

"We have a really good relationship. I think I coached Travis from the time he was an 8th grader all the way up to a senior," Dickey said. "Travis was a heck of a football player and he's going to be a heck of a football coach. He does a great job because he's a workaholic. He works very hard at his craft."

"It is kind of weird just cause he did coach me in high school," said White. "But I coached against him last year in basketball twice and we've coached against each other in junior high, so we're kind of getting used to it. Its kind of a unique deal."

Through 3 three weeks of play, both the Tigers and Bearcats are undefeated and look to be the top teams in Class C District 2. Championship implications will be on the line Friday and the two squads are expecting a good game and a great crowd.

"The coaches have been telling us that this will probably be one of the games that will help decide who wins the district," Tipton linebacker Bryce Coronado said. "We all believe that and we all know what we have to do to come out and get a victory."

"Its going to have a playoff atmosphere to it so you know tthere'sgonna be a lot of people there," Grandfield quarterback Bradyn Fikes said. "We're ready for it and we're really excited about it. This should definitely get us ready for the rest of the season."

Around the state, Tipton is very much a known commodity having made the state title game three seasons in a row. Grandfield, on the other hand, has been gaining steam in recent years and is one of Cass C's up-and-coming squads. The Bearcats' growth has not gone unnoticed in Tipton.

"The biggest thing is just their kids. Seeing them, their kids have developed and they've all put on some weight in the weight room," White said. "They've put on muscle in the weight room and you can tell they've been working and they're gonna be a lot tougher team to deal with for sure."

Meanwhile, the Bearcats understand the test that Tipton provides each game, but plan on being proactive with they're attack against the Tigers.

"The thing I tell our players, and we've been telling them, all along is that you fear no man but respect every man," Dickey said. "We're not afraid of them. TThat'swhat I think a lot of teams are. The thing is is we've just got to go out and we've got to play. Whatever happens is going to happen."

The Tigers and Bearcats kick things off on Friday night in Tipton at 7:30 pm.