Classmates and community mourn the loss of beloved student and family

Classmates and community mourn the loss of beloved student and family

DUNCAN, Okla._ Police remain tight-lipped about the deaths of three family members whose bodies were discovered inside their home Monday morning.

Late Monday night, investigators remained at the family's home at the 1200 block of Bent Tree, which is now a secured crime scene.

Investigators have not released the names of the victims or how they died. However, neighbors and the Marlow Review have identified the victims as John Hruby, the Marlow Review's publisher, his wife,Tinker, and their daughter, Katherine. Their deaths appear to be under investigation as a triple homicide.

A vigil was held at Duncan High School, where Katherine was a volleyball player, Monday evening.

Katherine and her parents John and Tinker made a big impact on all of Stephens County and are remembered with laughter and love.

"I speak for everyone when I say she was just such a great person and a great friend to all of us," said Duncan High School senior Carly Kirkland.

Duncan High School's varsity volleyball team says Katherine never stopped smiling and got a kick out of making people laugh.

"She really loved bugs. She had a thing for bugs, I really don't know why. Multiple times, she would grab a bug and chase us with it," said Kirkland.

For Kirkland, Monday night was one of the hardest nights of her life, but she remains hopeful.

"God has given us all hope that we will all see her again and I'm just so thankful and so blessed to have known a person like her," said Kirkland.

"The whole family is going to be missed by this team," said Duncan High School volleyball coach Sandy Mitchell.

As Katherine is remembered for her personality on and off the volleyball court, her parents will leave behind a legacy of their own as being their daughter's biggest supporters.

"That's the only voice I could hear in the stands was Tinker's. Yelling at these girls. If we ever had a cheerleader in the stands, it was Tinker. It's just a sad day, but a joyful day because one day we'll meet again and I'll see that smile. I'll hear Tinker's voice, I'll hear Katherine's voice," said Mitchell.

John and Tinker also have a college-aged son. His whereabouts have not been released.