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Duncan police continue to investigate deaths

DUNCAN, Okla._Duncan police are continuing their investigation into the tragic deaths of a Duncan family.

Alan Hruby, 19, son of John and Tinker, is currently in custody in the Stephens County Jail on unrelated charges. Police say he first made contact with them Monday at his parents' home where investigators were combing the area, looking for clues into who killed John and Tinker Hruby and their daughter Katherine.

Duncan police say once Alan arrived at the scene, he was asked a few preliminary questions and was then taken to the police department where he learned what happened to his family. At that point, they say he was visited by a chaplain for several hours afterwards. He's currently behind bars, but right now, he's not a suspect in the murders.

In what Duncan police are calling one of their largest crime scenes to date, investigators and OSBI agents have spent nearly 24 hours taking hundreds of photos, sketching and plotting everything in the house in relation to where the victims were found by their housekeeper. They even searched for fingerprints, cigarette butts, anything that could spread some light on what happened to the Hruby's.

"Obviously what comes to mind a lot of times is a murder-suicide and is that what we had? We did not make that call until late last night when the ME moved the bodies that it is a triple homicide," said Duncan Police Chief Daniel Ford.

Now that the crime scene has been wrapped up at the home, investigators are turning their attention to a whole new set of unanswered questions. The biggest question being how long had the Hruby's been inside before they were discovered?

Ford says when the initial call from the family housekeeper came in Monday morning, she told the officers that the victims were cold to the touch. Now investigators are turning to the public.

"We've had several people make us aware of the last time they were with them. Some of that was Thursday, some of that was Thursday afternoon, some of that was Thursday night," explained Chief Ford.

Close friends of the Hruby's also say that neither John nor Tinker came to work last Friday. Ford says the family dogs both survived the ordeal. Although they are staying with the staff of the Marlow Review, which the Hruby's owned and published, they will still be a part of the investigation.

Ford says the official cause of death for each person will be determined by the Medical Examiner in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, they say no persons of interest have been named, including 19-year-old Alan Hruby.

All of the pieces of physical evidence that were collected at the Hruby's home have been sent to the OSBI crime lab in Edmond for a complete analysis.

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