Alan Hruby charged with killing family

Alan Hruby charged with killing family

DUNCAN, Okla._Prosecutors met with the media Wednesday afternoon following the arraignment of confessed killer Alan Hruby.

"I tend to be very aggressive in my prosecutions. I think this is a very, very heinous and atrocious crime. I think this shows the fact that there was no remorse, I think this shows this kid is an evil person," said Stephens County District Attorney Jason Hicks.

Alan Hruby was visibly shaken up as Judge Jerry Herberger officially charged him in the murders of his father, John, mother, Tinker, and sister, Katherine. Hruby was also charged with dumping the murder weapon and home surveillance videos into a nearby lake.

District Attorney Hicks described how Alan Hruby walked through the back door of his parents' home on Bent Tree Thursday. He walked into the kitchen and shot his mother, then his sister...then one hour later, his father. All of them were shot in the head. Hicks says Hruby confessed he was a big spender and his motive was financial. Hruby had reportedly gotten involved with a loan shark and owed $3,000.

"He felt like if he murdered his mother, father and sister, he would be the only heir to their estate. As far as their finances go, they were not going to allow a lot of money to go out to him, they were going to cut him off," explained Hicks.

After dumping the videos and the stolen 9mm gun from his father into a lake, Hruby went back to the OU campus to pick up his cell phone. He left the phone on purpose so any pings on the phone would trace Alan back to Norman. He then traveled to Dallas where he attended the OU/Texas football game with friends. His Instagram page even shows a post from that trip, where he and his friends stayed at the Ritz-Carlton.

"When he was approached, he was very nonchalant, a little cold and callused, especially now in hindsight we know he knew what was going on," said Hicks.

Now Hicks says he will work with the family to discuss whether or not he'll seek the death penalty.

"It's obviously a situation you hope you never have to face, but we're here. And we'll do everything we can for this family to support them, but we also have to balance that with what does justice require and demand in this case, and that's something we'll have to work through moving forward," explained Hicks.

Hruby was denied bond in his arraignment earlier in the day. Prosecutors say they do not want Alan Hruby back on the streets for any reason. He'll be back in court for these crimes in December.

Hruby will also be back in court Thursday so prosecutors can wrap up a case against him for stolen checks so his murder case can move forward.


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