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Fake Ebola threat lands Lawton woman in jail

LAWTON, Okla._A Lawton woman is behind bars after she showed up to the hospital claiming to have Ebola.

Beryl Rhines told the staff at Comanche County Memorial Hospital that she and her son had a fever and may have contracted Ebola from a foreign exchange student from Africa that had been staying with the family. 

Because of the severity of her claims, additional staff had to come in and assist. That's when nurses realized that Rhines was extremely intoxicated. Police say during treatment, she began faking seizures and head butting nurses.

Meanwhile, police contacted several representatives with Lawton Public Schools who confirmed there was no exchange student from Africa in the district's system. Once Rhines was cleared at the hospital, she was sent to the Lawton City Jail for assault as well as disturbing the peace.

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