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Police need help identifying suspects

Suspect #1 Suspect #1
Suspect #2 Suspect #2

LAWTON, Okla._The Lawton Police Department is turning to the public for help in identifying two suspects. The suspects in question are involved in a robbery/scam that occurred Monday, December 15.

Police say one of the suspects approached an elderly man at the Sheridan Road Walmart. The suspect told the man he was looking for a Walgreen's near a McDonald's. The victim told the suspect where it was and offered to take him there.

The suspect went on to say he had a lot of money from an inheritance. He told the victim to pull into the parking lot of Walgreen's at the corner of Sheridan Road and Ferris Avenue. He then told the victim to get the attention of the second suspect. Suspect #1 told the victim that he thought he was a nice man and would donate a specific amount to the victim's church and also to him. However, the victim would need withdraw money from his bank account to prove that he was sincere.

The victim drove to his bank, went inside and withdrew cash. Suspect #2 was seen inside the bank watching as the victim withdrew money and left the bank just prior to the victim. Once outside, the victim was approached by Suspect #2 and was asked if he got the money. When the victim stated yes and showed the money, Suspect #2 grabbed the money and ran. Suspect #1 was not seen again.

If you have any information concerning this crime, please call Crime Stoppers at 580-355-4636.

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