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Soldiers clean Lawton parks

LAWTON, Okla._A group of soldiers banded together to help the community by cleaning up some of our local parks.

OK Truckin' is a group of friends hoping to start a non-profit organization that provides a good deed once a week for the Lawton area. The group was founded about two months ago when they all got together and decided they wanted to make a difference. That difference happened to be picking up trash at Greer Park and Elmer Thomas Park.

"Helping the community, because not everybody can come out here and do it. Not everybody has the time to come out and clean on their own time. Most of the time they have to pay others. We're out here doing this just out of the kindness of our hearts for free. Making the community look better," explained Spencer Fletcher, a member.

The group has applied through the Lawton Chamber of Commerce to become an officially recognized non-profit.

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