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Holiday scammers target grandparents

LAWTON, Okla._Holiday scammers are on Santa's naughty list, and they're popping up everywhere, hoping to cash in on your expense.

One Oklahoma City man says he was contacted by one of these scammers by phone, but didn't fall for it.

"The guy says, “Hi grandpa, this is your eldest grandson,'" said Jerry Cynova.

The caller claimed to be the targeted victim's grandson and asked for money to fix his car, but Jerry Cynova knew something wasn't right.

He continued to question the person on the other end, who eventually gave up. Cynova says this isn't the first time he's heard of this particular scam, and hopes others will learn from his story and not fall victim to a crime this holiday season.

But one Lawton man wasn't so lucky after he was scammed out of $7,400 last week in a similar scam.

He told police someone called him claiming to be his grandson. The caller said he'd been in a wreck and needed money to get out of jail. The victim sent the money in three wire transfers. When he refused to send more, the calls from his supposed grandson stopped.

By the time he realized it was a scam, it was too late.

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