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4,000 Fort Sill soldiers head home for the holidays

FORT SILL, Okla._A mass military migration mission launched on Fort Sill.

The official name is the Annual Holiday Block Leave, but it's commonly known as The Exodus, as the Army lets its soldiers head home for the holidays.

Around 4,000 Fort Sill soldiers loaded up buses Wednesday, en route to four airports, to begin their brief trips to reunite with family and friends, before coming back to fort sill and resuming their training.

"So it is important for the soldiers, some have been here as many as eight weeks, some just got here last week, to have an opportunity to go home spend time with family, the army certainly understands, it's not just a soldier in the army it's a family so it's important to get them back in these holidays," said Col. Jose Thompson.

Soldiers say whether they've been on post one week or one year--going home, especially for the holidays is something they look forward to.

"It's kinda nice to go home on Christmas and feel normal like everyone else before I have to go and be away from the even longer," said PFC Clinton Rounsavall.

The Christmas exodus takes place each year, but not everyone is going home. Around 150 soldiers will stay behind, but won't be alone or without entertainment. Several events are scheduled on Fort Sill over the next two weeks.Soldiers were also given tickets to attend the Armed Forces Bowl in Dallas, and basketball games at Cameron University.

Soldiers are expected to start returning January 2.

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