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Families enjoy unexpected snow day

LAWTON, Okla_ What a few hours can do in southwest Oklahoma, just Friday highs were in the 60's and Saturday, snow. Some places even hitting six inches.

Once the wind calmed down, the snow was a perfect mixture for families to go out and enjoy activities like sledding.

For a group of kids waking up to the snow was a big surprise, but once they saw it they knew exactly what they wanted to do.

"Sledding. Sledding! Sledding and snow ball fights," the kids yelled!

Christa Bear, the mother for some of these sledders, says it's a family tradition to go to Cameron Hill whenever it snows.

"Excitement was filling the house. They were running around, jumping, shouting, and they couldn't wait to get their snow gear on so they could come sledding,” Bear said.

For hours the kids went up and down the hill sledding with all sorts of techniques.

there was the more traditional way, by going feet first. The daredevils went head first or even backwards, but their favorite they had their own name for, The Chain.

"They're having a great time and the more they can pile up the better," Bear said.

The fun isn't just secluded to the kids; momma bear can ride a sled with the best of them.

"They are so excited that momma gets bundled up and rides down the hills with them," Bear said.

Bear says the day is perfect for a snow day, with little to no wind, and decent temperatures. For her and her boys it means the fun will go on even after they leave the hill.

"They'll go right out to the yard, its snowman building time and then hot cocoa," Bear said.

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