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Family searching for stolen Amtryke

LAWTON, Okla._A little girl and her family are searching for her Amtryke after it was stolen from their driveway in Lawton.

The Amtryke belongs to Ashtyn a ten-year-old little girl with Down syndrome. Her family moved the Amtryke to the driveway in order to put Christmas presents in the garage and woke up Christmas Eve morning to find it gone.

The Shortt family has been driving up and down the streets looking for the Amtryke. They have posted on Facebook and even filed a police report with the Lawton Police Department.

This Amtryke meant a lot to Ashtyn because it gave her the ability to ride like everyone else. From the very first day, it made Ashtyn feel like any other little girl.

"She liked riding her bike. Would get out here and sometimes she would go so fast I would have to run to keep up with her," said Tonya Shortt, Ashtyn's Mom.

The Amtryke, was a special gift given to her family that was custom made exactly for her needs.

"She had special foot pedals on it because she's shorter. So they had to build the foot pedals up with some wood blocks. So it's just kind of specially built for her," said Shortt.

Ashtyn, like many children with Down syndrome, don't have as much muscle tone as other children. So the bike was designed to keep Ashtyn moving right along with other kids her age.

"I was kind of happy before when I got it but now I am so sad that it's gone now," said Ashtyn Shortt, had Amtryke stolen.

Now, the Shortt family is searching everywhere they can looking for the bike that's been an answer to their prayers.

"She likes riding it. We've bought her typical regular bicycles before and we've gotten rid of those because she can't. She's not as good riding them," said Tonya Shortt.

Shortt says the family will keep searching and hopes the ones responsible for the crime will understand what they have taken from her daughter.

"I hope that we find it and I hope that maybe if their parents see this or even if it was an adult that they realize that my daughter probably needs it more than they do and so we would like it back," said Shortt.

Even though the bike costs about a thousand dollars, the Shortt family is determined to make sure Ashtyn has something to ride. They say they hope to get the original back so they don't have to replace it.

If you have any information about the missing Amtryke please contact Lawton Police Department at (580) 581-3270.

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