A Child Who Hopes: Brandon

A Child Who Hopes: Brandon

NORMAN, Okla._If you're an Oklahoma City Thunder fan, you already have something in common with January's "A Child Who Hopes."

The oldest of six, most of his siblings have already been adopted, yet Brandon is still looking for a forever home.

Brandon, 17, barely speaks above a whisper. To get this shy teen to open up, we met him at the Simmons Center in Duncan, a place which offers some of his favorite activities like basketball and video games.

Like many teenage boys, Brandon can play for hours, especially Guitar Hero. He wants to learn to play in real life like members of his favorite band, Metallica. But his taste in music does not stop there. Brandon says he enjoys rock, rap, metal, essentially everything but country.

He won't hold that against a potential family though. Brandon only wants to be accepted for who he is.

"Brandon has been diagnosed with mild mental retardation. He's also been diagnosed with autism, but his IQ is above 70, he's doing very well at school," said George Ankrah, child welfare specialist.

In fact, the high school junior is on target to graduate. Brandon currently goes to school in the group home where he lives. After class, he enjoys talking to friends about cars and trucks. The Ford F-150 is one of his favorites.

Brandon has lived in Lawton before and really enjoyed the area. He hopes you can make his dream of finding a permanent home in Southwest Oklahoma come true.

A Child Who Hopes airs the first Tuesday of each month, here on 7News. For more information on how you can help, go to adoptokkids.org or call 1-800-376-9729.