State senator proposes election changes

State senator proposes election changes

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla._A state senator is proposing an election reform package in hopes of making it easier for people to get to the polls.

Less than 30 percent of Oklahoma's eligible voters participated in last year's statewide election and a state Senator David Holt hopes his election reform package will change that statistic and perhaps how elections are run.

Senator Holt of Oklahoma City has introduced the package, which contains nine bills and a joint resolution. The bills were all designed by Senator Holt to increase overall voter turnout. The bills proposed include a mail-in election, consolidating the fall and spring election cycles and securing online voter registration.

Voter turnout has seen a steady decline in Oklahoma since 2012, even though the state's population has grown by 22 percent in the last two decades.

The Oklahoma Legislature will reconvene on February 2.

Senate Bill 312

Senate Bill 313

Senate Bill 317