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Medicine Park police given check for dash cams

MEDICINE PARK, Okla._The Medicine Park Police Department is thanking a local organization for helping them reach their goals of equipping all of their police cruisers with new dash cams.

Cotton Electric presented a check for $6,000 Thursday to pay for the police department's third camera system. The department owns four cruisers, only one still needs a camera. In comparison with the department's old system, which used VHS tapes, the new system is easier to use and will help save money. The new system will also help gather evidence for court proceedings and help with officer safety.

"With the Watch Guard system always being a recording system, it will help us a lot. Like I said, it's always recording, we can go back, pull dates, pull times and observe the tape," said Chief Adrahtas.

Chief Adrahtas says they began the drive to raise money for the camera systems eight months ago. They are halfway to raising the money for the fourth dash cam.

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