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Atlanta Braves' Andrelton Simmons returns to Altus

Friday afternoon in Altus, a couple of pro baseball players were on hand for Western Oklahoma State's home opener.

Former Pioneers Andrelton Simmons and Jamaine Cotton took in the game and signed autographs for fans. Simmons, a second round draft pick in 2010, is currently the starting shortstop for the Atlanta Braves. He enjoyed his time at Western so much that he tries to get back every year before the start of Spring Training.

"I had a blast while I was there. I had a great team. I got to meet a lot of great guys," Simmons said. "It was the first time I was away from my house, my home and my parents and I was welcomed by the community. It's always fun to come back and see everybody and how they appreciate me coming back."

Simmons won his second Gold Glove in 2014 and signed a seven-year, $58 million contract with the Braves. Now, he's looking forward to taking the next step in his young career.

"I always try to get better defensively. Offensively I've got a little more room to grow and I've been working on it this off-season," said Simmons. "I've been working on my defense too to keep it sharp and make it better and the stuff I think i've got to work on."

On the field, the Pioneers took down Luna Community College 4-3 in their home-opener.

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