Lieutenant Governor Lamb visits Duncan during statewide tour

Lieutenant Governor Lamb visits Duncan during statewide tour

DUNCAN, Okla._Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb made stops in Stephens and Grady counties as part of his "77 Counties in 77 Days" tour.

It's part of his mission to promote economic development and job growth across the state. Lt. Governor Lamb spoke at the Duncan Area Economic Development Foundation's spec building, which will be the home of Duncan's newest company, Duncan Recycling and Refining. It's one of the many economic developments in the area that the lieutenant governor says is sending Duncan in the right direction.

One of the big takeaways the lieutenant governor had from his evaluation of Duncan was their mission to diversify their industries from just strictly oil and gas. Lieutenant Governor Lamb says that he is pleased with what he's seen during his stop in Duncan.

"Duncan has vision! It's really a vision, a compliment to the people to pursue economic development, job growth, job creation. We're trying to bring in jobs from out of state, it's very exciting in Duncan," said Lt. Gov. Lamb.

Lamb says that's exactly the type of information he's trying to get first-hand during this statewide tour.

"That's why I travel around, I want to know what the problems are. It's great when you can brag on and say ok that's great. Now, please tell me what the problems are so we can address them and we can beat all these other states in economic development, particularly Texas," said Lt. Gov. Lamb.

Lamb pointed out that the specific site for Thursday's visit, the future home of a recycling company, shows that Duncan's leaders are actively working to expand their economy beyond the oil and gas industry that has fueled it for decades.

"We're Oklahoma. We're oil and gas, but there's also diversification which is always important for any economy not to be solely based in one area," said Lt. Gov. Lamb.

Terry Snyder, data chairman of Duncan's economic development board, says that this diversification is particularly important with the current state of the oil and gas industry.

"This last two weeks we've lost anywhere from 200, 300, maybe even 400 jobs, so people need employment," said Snyder.

After his stop in Duncan, the lieutenant governor visited Grady County for a new leadership development class in Chickasha. He continues his tour Friday with stops in Kingfisher and Guthrie.