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Details emerge following baby's death

Lane Fairchild Lane Fairchild
Gregory Miller Gregory Miller
Kelly Fairchild Kelly Fairchild

FREDERICK, Okla._Horrifying new details are surfacing following the death of a young toddler who allegedly died at the hands of his mother's boyfriend.

Gregory Miller Jr. and Kelly Fairchild were arrested Thursday in Lawton. Friday, February 27, they took the 18-month-old boy to the emergency room after he was found unresponsive. Medical personnel tried to revive the baby for an hour before he was pronounced dead.

Emergency room personnel contacted police after seeing suspicious scratches and bruises on the baby's body. Frederick police then contacted OSBI for help with further investigation.

According to court documents, the night baby Lane was injured, he and his mother had been sleeping at her boyfriend's home. She says Gregory woke her and said he had accidentally stepped on her son when he went to let the dog out. She says she consoled her son and went back to sleep. She says she didn't noticed anything unusual until the next day.

Fairchild says the day after her boyfriend told her he stepped on her son in the middle of the night, she woke to find Lane lethargic. She said he slept throughout the day on a playpen mattress that served as a bed for her boyfriend's dog. She said Miller smoked marijuana before going into work, and again when he returned home from lunch. She said she watched movies with Lane who remained lethargic.

When Miller came home, the two smoked marijuana, drank whiskey and played video games before going to bed. She says her son woke up and ate pizza. But later that night, Miller told investigators he woke up to let the dog out and found Lane face down next to the dog bed on the floor. He said it was normal because the dog often pushed lane off the mattress. But he said when he went to pick Lane up to put him back on the bed, he noticed he was unresponsive and began CPR and called 911 before deciding to rush the child to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Once placed under arrest, Miller told investigators he stepped on Lane after tripping over a cord in the dark when he went to let the dog out. He said he had been drinking heavily that night because he was stressed over family matters and could not remember if the child cried out.

The court documents note that Miller is 6' and weighs 289 pounds.

At the time of their arrests, the child's mother and her boyfriend were attending her son's funeral at Sunset Memorial Gardens.

Fairchild is facing one count of child neglect. Miller is facing first-degree murder.

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