A Child Who Hopes: Marcus

A Child Who Hopes: Marcus

LAWTON, Okla._A musically gifted 17-year-old is looking for something we often take for granted…a family to call his own.

Smart, determined and talented are just a few words to describe Marcus. Marcus spent a day at Phillips Music Company doing what he loves most, playing guitar.

There's just something about music that soothes the soul.

"It calms me. I don't why, it just calms me," said Marcus. "Whenever I get upset or angry, I'll go to my room and play my guitar."

Marcus, who is currently in foster care, says he taught himself to play five years ago.

"I'd walk around and start humming something. Then, after I hum it, I'd find out how to play that song on the guitar.

While Marcus draws inspiration from stars like Willie Nelson and Jimi Hendrix, he's also inspired by everyday people.

"Anybody I can see that can really play, I'm like 'I want to be like that guy. That's the guy. I want to be him'," said Marcus.

The nearly straight "A" student says while music is his first career choice, he also wants to study engineering at Oklahoma State University.

"I really like math and science and figuring out how things are put together and how they work," he said.

Whichever path he chooses, it's clear the high school sophomore is determined to succeed.

"Throughout my lifetime, I've had people say 'you won't be successful at this, you won't be able to do that.' And I plan myself to set out and prove those people wrong. I will go out. I will be successful and I will do those things that you can't do," said Marcus.

When Marcus is not busy with music, he likes to fish and golf. He also has a part-time job and is looking forward to getting a driver's license soon.

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