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Vandals shatter veteran's truck window

LAWTON, Okla._ A little more than one week after cars were found vandalized with blue spray paint, the same Lawton neighborhood saw another case of vehicle vandalism.

Ashton Dollins, the owner of the vandalized truck, found the shattered window Monday morning. The truck was parked outside the home near Northwest Compass Avenue and Euclid Avenue. He believes vandals smashed it with a crowbar and while nothing was stolen he says he's still going to have to come out of pocket to repair the damage.

Even though nothing was stolen from the vehicle, the window repairs will cost anywhere from $250 to $300. Money that this veteran, student, and father of two says would be better spent on his family.

"The truck window was about right here. So like I said, someone in the passenger seat could easily have 1 or 2-3 hits and take off driving," said Dollins.

The crime may have taken just seconds to commit, but Dollins says the damages have a much more long-term effect financially. The money used to repair the window was pulled from a savings account he planned to use for his children's education.

"Right now, just trying to save up money in general is difficult. It's something that you definitely want to think about before you act on. Even if it's just a harmless act that you're not hurting anybody, but it trickles down the train quite a bit," said Dollins.

Dollins says this type of vandalism is typical in his neighborhood. His car has been broken into before, but the suspects never took anything of value, leading him to believe that these are just kids committing what they think are harmless crimes. Dollins wishes for the sake of the neighborhood that these vandals will realize how he and other victims are having to pay for their actions.

"That's something that they should definitely think about before they decide to act on it and do something stupid is how it affects the family of the person you're doing it to," said Dollins.

Dollins says he filed a police report on the incident, but police do not have any leads yet. And with the lack of evidence left behind, he doubts they will find the suspects.

Although some types of vandalism like this aren't always preventable, police encourage all citizens to not leave valuables in their cars and lock their doors.

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