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Scope of death from Nepal earthquake expands

KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) _ Officials say a magnitude 7.8 earthquake in a densely populated area of Nepal has killed more than 700 people across a swath of four countries, with the death toll expected to keep climbing.

Authorities say the violently shaking earth collapsed houses, leveled centuries-old temples and triggered avalanches in the Himalayas, including Mount Everest, where at least eight bodies have been recovered and an unknown number are missing or injured.

Authorities say at least 688 people are confirmed dead in Nepal. Other deaths occurred in India, Tibet and Bangladesh. Two Chinese citizens died at the Nepal-China border.

Scores of people have been injured in the Himalayan country's worst temblor in over 80 years.

The quake was followed by a magnitude 6.6 aftershock and more are possible.

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