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Faculty, students say goodbye to Geronimo Road Elementary

FORT SILL, Okla._After more than 60 years of educating children on post, dozens gathered to say goodbye to Fort Sill's Geronimo Road Elementary.

The building's final classes are being held this week. On Friday, students from Geronimo Road Elementary and Sheridan Road Elementary will begin classes in the new Freedom Elementary School. Geronimo Road will be torn down this May to make more room for additional construction on the school.

Students and faculty, both past and present, gathered to say goodbye in school's auditorium that they say was home to some of their fondest memories.

"I had tears just streaming," said Sam Smith, Geronimo Road Elementary principal from 1972 until 1990.

Smith says seeing students perform in the auditorium one last time reminded him of some of his favorite times at the school.

"We had some worthy of 'America's Got Talent'-type performances. We had some really fine choral groups that was just a great pleasure to witness," said Smith.

The students performed songs from the six decades the school was in session. Jamal Parker attended the school in the late 90s and says the performance brought back memories from his generation.

"In the 90s, they would play the ‘Macarena' and all the students would get up and start doing the dance and all of that," said Parker.

Because Geronimo Road is on post, most students only attended for a couple years before the military took their families elsewhere. Smith says it was their mission to make Geronimo Road the highlight of their wide array of experiences.

"The military child had been to all types of schools. Public schools, DoD schools, DoD schools overseas…just change, change, change and they need one really good bright spot to be in their little school career and this should be it," said Smith.

Parker attended for six years and says thanks to his time at Geronimo Road, he now has friends all over the country.

"A lot of people have spread out through the U.S. and there's about 10 or 15 people that I kept close contact with from '95 until now through social media since we have met here at Geronimo," said Parker.

And even though it was bittersweet, Parker says he's glad he had the chance to say one last goodbye to the building that holds so many memories.

"Just grateful to be a part of this....just grateful," said Parker.

A goodbye ceremony was also held Monday for Sheridan Road Elementary. Faculty members say although saying goodbye isn't easy, they're excited to get moved into Freedom Elementary School.

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