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Kids present science projects to Cameron faculty

LAWTON, Okla._Kids from elementary schools around the community showed off their science projects at Cameron University Thursday.

It's the annual Young Learners' Science Exposition; the projects on display were winners at the elementary level and then the students were invited to bring their projects in front of the Cameron faculty.

Hunter Brookaw is a fourth grader at Sullivan Village and his project is about “Capacitors in Parallel and Series”.

"I believe that adding capacitors to the circuit will keep the light on longer and will not matter if they are in series or parallel," Hunter said.

Hunter said he tested that hypothesis and turns out he was wrong.

"Now that I've charged them in parallel, the light will last longer because in parallel it will charge it to the max, but in series it will divides them," he said.

Hunter said his project was inspired his curiosity for what powered his truck.

"Now I was sitting' in the living room, and I'm wondering if I can just put a battery in my truck, put capacitors which I thought were solar panels, and make it run off that," he said.

A few booths down from Hunter was Catherine Niupulusu who is a third grader at Sullivan Village, her project tested whether or not taste is influenced by sight.

"I used some test subjects in my school, in my class and my sister's class the results were different, they were not all apple," Catherine said.

Catherine said she used food coloring in apple juice to test her subjects' taste buds.

"They would think that it tastes like strawberry or cherry or apple because it looks red," she said.

She said she is already thinking of ways to make her project better for next year.

"If made my test subjects older, then they would probably have more life experience with them, and they would trust their taste," she said.

Each of the students' projects will be judged by Cameron faulty members. The winners will be announced at Tuesday night's awards ceremony in the McCasland ballroom at 6:30pm.

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