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LPD aware of dash cam malfunctions

LAWTON, Okla._An Open Records request has shown problems with some of the Lawton Police Department's dash cameras.

The request to examine the dash cam video followed a recent pursuit that started in Lawton and ended with an officer-involved shooting outside Indiahoma.

Of the 45 minutes of footage, only 18 minutes had actual video with it. In those 18 minutes, you see no footage of the actual chase. Police say it wasn't altered, but they did say it was a recurring problem because the cameras are old.

"She said he has a shotgun, but didn't know if he had it with him. Yeah he's reaching."

Dash cam video from April 7 shows Lawton police pursuing a man suspected in a robbery and kidnapping. The video finally appears after LPD was called off the chase, and after the suspect was shot by officers from Cache and a Comanche County sheriff's deputy.

"76, 77. Hearing suspects down, shots fired"

After calling police to tell them the video was missing from the entire chase through Lawton, they said they knew there would be problems with it, even before they released it to us. But they maintained that the recording was precisely what had been uploaded onto their hard drives.

LPD refused to go on camera about the problem, but in a phone call with Police Chief James Smith, he explained they've known about the problem for a few years now, blaming it on old equipment. He says some cameras in their older units will randomly turn off and others will not record video at random times. He says over the years, they've gradually upgraded cameras in some vehicles. And as they replace their oldest patrol cars, they purchase new cameras to install in them.

An Open Records request was also filed with the City of Cache for their dash and body cam footage that was used during the chase and shooting. That request has not been fulfilled yet. Cache's mayor said they sent their only copy to the OSBI to help with their investigation. The OSBI said they will be sending a copy back to Cache, and they should have it by the end of the day Friday.

As for Ricky Basa, the suspect who was shot by two Cache police officers and one sheriff's deputy, he is still in the hospital, but recently was moved out of the ICU.

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