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Wreck at gas line causes evacuations

LAWTON, Okla._Residents in one Lawton neighborhood got a rude awakening Saturday morning when they were forced to evacuate their homes after a car hit a gas line.

Police say the driver of a gray car was driving recklessly around 4 o'clock Saturday morning before running off Rogers Lane and through a fence hitting a natural gas meter. It was a live gas line making it a liability to those who live nearby, which prompted first responders to evacuate the area immediately. Residents say they were shocked when police showed up at their door to let them know they were in danger.

"You know with natural gas you never know what could happen," said Walter Kosechata, evacuated resident.

One of the residents evacuated Walter Kosechata says his number one priority was following orders from police to keep his family safe.

"They told me I had to leave so I had to wake my grand-babies up. They was asleep and get them dressed so we could leave," said Kosechata.

Homes north of the area on Fort Sill were evacuated as well as homes between 14th and 17th near Ozmun in Lawton.

"It was up to you to leave. You know that's your choice. You want to get blown up stay and get blown up. I mean I didn't want to see death," said James Crumpton, evacuated resident.

James Crumpton lives along Rogers Lane and Prentice. His home is less than 50 yards away from where the driver ran off the road and hit the gas meter. He says it was leaking so much that he could hear it from inside his house.

"I could hear it through my window, that's the bad part about it. I thought oh that doesn't sound too good sweetheart and then we opened the door,” said Crumpton.

Police are still searching for person responsible for the crash. They're using several resources to track the culprit down. In the meantime, Crumpton says he wasn't worried about his house. He is just thankful his family is safe.

"You don't worry about nothing like that material stuff. You don't worry about it, you don't. As long as I have my family I am good," he said.

Several residents on Fort Sill were taken to a shelter on post during the leak. Everyone was given the all clear this morning around 9:30am that they were allowed to re-enter their homes.

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