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Local 6 year-old gets statewide recognition

LAWTON, Okla._A local 6 year-old is the winner of a statewide writing and illustration competition.

Kindergartner Autumn Gleaves is home schooled in Lawton. She spent a month working on her 11 page story entitled "The Adventure of the Letters". That story has landed her some statewide recognition. Autumn mailed in her story as part of the PBS Kids Writers Contest in March. She was selected by OETA as the top story written by a kindergartner in Oklahoma.

The plot of her story follows Princess A and Prince B as they take on a big paper monster and a bubble volcano to protect their kingdom.

"One day there was a girl," said Autumn Gleaves, contest winner.

Autumn says when she first asked her mom to enter the contest she thought it would be easy.

"I was hoping I could do it in like one day and it was going to be super easy but it turned out to not be so easy," she said.

Autumn's mom Lisa Gleaves says they set time aside every day for a month so her daughter could put the story together and color the pictures with map pencils.

"She knew she had to illustrate it. So where she started was what can I draw already. What do I know how to draw and she thought you know what I know how to draw letters and so she came up with a story about letters," said Lisa Gleaves.

Autumn's original story was 374 words long with character dialog. She had to cut it down to just 200 words in order to follow competition rules.

"We had to take out some of the words and one of the words that was super funny. The A and B said wake up mom and dad the volcano is about to explode," said Autumn Gleaves.

Autumn says her favorite part of the story is when the hero swoops in to save the day poking the big paper monster in the foot with his sword.

"My favorite part of it is where Prince B I mean Prince P saves the day from the humongous paper monster. That's super scary," said Gleaves.

After that, the bubble volcano starts shooting out bubbles that are popped by the royal alphabet family. In perfect fairy tale fashion...everyone lived happily ever after including Autumn.

"I have never gotten a trophy. It's like my first trophy ever."

Autumn says her favorite letter is A because it helps her to spell her name.

She will receive a trophy and prize pack at the awards ceremony at the State Capital on Wednesday. Her story is now entered into the nationwide competition for the stories submitted by others in her age group.

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