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Inmate cuts, bites, spits on corrections officers

LAWTON, Okla._Two corrections officers at the Lawton City Jail found themselves under attack while trying to restrain an unruly inmate.

Police say when a corrections officer tried to handcuff Breanna Sergeant, she pulled her hand back and cut the officer's finger with the handcuffs. When a second officer tried to help restrain her, Sergeant started wielding the handcuff like a hook, swinging it at them. An officer was able to get a hold of Sergeant, but she bit down on his arm.

The officers were able to eventually handcuff her to the cell bars, but she managed to get out of the handcuffs. Sergeant then spit on the officers at least four times before she was finally subdued.

Sergeant was cited for assault and battery on a correctional officer and unlawful person in custody to transfer body fluids. She was in jail on a complaint of trespassing and possession of marijuana.

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