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RIVER SPRINGS, Okla._Big Fish Adventures, in conjunction with Povi, Inc., are excited to bring Mudlympics to the River Springs area!

From May 15-17, they plan on providing a weekend full of events that are guaranteed to entertain and encourage participation from all in attendance! Mudlympics involves contestants having to endure and clear a series of obstacles designed to test even the fittest of athletes for their strength, speed and stamina. They are also looking forward to introducing a “Mud Bog” event which will feature 4 x 4 competitions through a mud pit and/or a mud track. These are events that have grown in popularity and size throughout the country and they see no reason why they can't have the same events in their own backyard.

Mudlympics will involve competitors having to jump, crawl, and weave through man-made obstacles while enduring all the elements of nature, and of course, a little mud at the same time. There will be separate competitions for men and women, with only one person being crowned “King/ Queen of the Mud”. They look forward to introducing a “Kid Mudlympics” in the future! They are also looking into having team building courses designed for corporations, youth groups, and any and all interested organizations or businesses.

Over the past few years, obstacle course races have taken over the competitive fitness scene, becoming the fastest growing sport in U.S. history. Competitors and spectators have been known to travel to different states to attend and participate in these events. Tough Mudder, for example, boasts over 1.5 million participants since its inception five years ago, with as many as 15,000 people participating in each event. Based on this growing trend, they are anticipating and planning for an attendance of 3,500 people per event to start out. They feel this event, and subsequent others, have the potential for rapid growth and are seeking your support to help us make these events fun-filled and unforgettable for all in attendance!

They feel that this event will attract a wide array of people who will enjoy testing their physical and mental capacities on a beautiful, all-natural terrain. Promoting physical fitness, testing limits and endurance, team building, are all just a part of what they're striving to bring to Southwest Oklahoma!

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