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Duncan resident starts American Flag Challenge

DUNCAN, Okla._A Duncan resident is tired of some of the disrespect he's seen online and in social media recently for our nation's flag and has issued a challenge of his own.

Bryce Wagoner issued a challenge for people to get an American flag and fly it proudly. Three days ago, Wagoner was thumbing through his phone on Facebook when he saw a videos of the Eric Sheppard challenge.

"My name is Erica Walker and I am about to do the Eric Sheppard challenge. Hands off EJ."

"You might as well stomp on my heart and stomp me into a mud puddle," said Wagoner.

The Eric Sheppard challenge encourages people to stomp on our nation's flag in protest of an arrest warrant issued for a man after police found a gun in his unattended backpack at a protest at a university in Georgia. Outraged by this challenge going viral, Wagoner issued his own.

"I challenge everybody I know to go get a flag and put it in your front lawn or your front yard and display it proudly," said Wagoner.

His video challenge has now been seen more than 3 million times and he has had soldiers from Georgia and police officers in New York City reach out to him.

"My thumbs are shining from messaging people back, and I try to get back them. It's just definitely humbling to see people that have served and done so much and then they come hit you up. It's like that was what it's all about," said Wagoner.

It's a challenge that is close to him because his family served in the military, but the last thing he wants to do is make this about him.

"This has nothing to do about me and Theo the cat, but more of just getting your flag put up. That's going to be the biggest thing. Just go out and put a flag up, show you're still proud to be an American,” said Wagoner.

Wagoner's ultimate goal is to be able to drive down a street and see a flag on every home or mailbox.

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