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Power restored to MacArthur High School

LAWTON, Okla._ MacArthur High School's power has been restored.

After classes were canceled for a second day Monday, LPS announced late Monday night school would be back in session Tuesday. The power outage canceled classes for a second day in a row after water damaged an electrical breaker Friday. Weekend attempts to fix that breaker were unsuccessful, forcing today's cancellation. Officials say the equipment was so old that the part had to be sent to Texas for repairs.

LAWTON, Okla._Classes at MacArthur High School were canceled for a second day because the building still does not have power.

Officials say the electricity went out early Friday morning when water damaged an electrical breaker. Employees noticed the power was out when they showed up for work that morning. Officials say about 50 students were already on campus when classes were canceled on Friday. After working unsuccessfully over the weekend to repair the breaker, classes were canceled once again for Monday.

Repairs were still underway Monday afternoon. School officials said since the school is about 50 years old, they couldn't find the parts needed for the repairs in Lawton, so they had to send the breaker to Gainesville, Texas, for repairs, but they're hopeful to have it back in time to start school Tuesday.

It may be the first sunny day Lawton has seen in a while, but the hallways at MacArthur High School are still dark. With the last day of school set for May 21, the district's executive director of operations, Kyle Smith, is desperately seeking solutions.

"With 8, 9 days of school left, we would like it to be uneventful and we could go into summer as easily as possible, but at the present time the teachers and the students and the staff are adapting as best as possible," explained Smith.

Smith says this adaptation is particularly stressful for seniors, whose counselors have been doing whatever it takes to ensure they graduate on time.

"They're working by lantern or flashlight, but they're getting done what they need to get done," said Smith.

Smith says if classes are canceled Tuesday, they will have to add an extra fifteen minutes to every school day in order to meet state requirements, so they're working tirelessly to make sure that doesn't happen.

"At the present time, there's dozens of people in LPS looking about trying to find a solution to get us to have school tomorrow. I know that's disappointing to the kids, but we want to finish this year out and get summer started, so it is a priority to get it done," said Smith.

Smith says as they wait for that part to come back from Texas, they could be calling parents as late as Tuesday morning to let them know if classes are canceled.

Officials say it could cost about $10,000 to repair the breaker and get them through the remainder of the school year. Smith says they will be looking into more permanent repairs this summer.
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