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Elgin police chief resigns, investigation expected

ELGIN, Okla._Elgin's mayor says he believes the city's police department will be investigated following Friday's unexpected resignation of Chief Carl Bremenkamp.

Mayor Larry Thoma said he does not believe anything criminal will be uncovered by the investigation. No details have been released about what led up to Bremenkamp's resignation, but Thoma says neither he nor the City Council asked for the chief to resign.

For 17 years, Carl Bremenkamp has patrolled the streets of Elgin and last Friday he resigned as police chief. His resignation has many citizens upset that he is gone, but also wondering why he suddenly left.

"It was a paperwork situation and it just presented a huge problem," explained Mayor Thoma.

That is all the detail Mayor Thoma could go into about the "paperwork situation." He says there have also been multiple allegations against Bremenkamp, and he says a few of them also were connected to his resignation. Mayor Thoma gave no detail into them, and said they were personnel issues.

"They were just insulting to Carl, I will say this. Some of the allegations were just an insult to him," said Mayor Thoma.

Mayor Thoma says an investigation has already been completed by the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training, or CLEET. He also expects an investigation on the department to be done by OSBI. Either way, Mayor Thoma is adamant nothing criminal was done to lead to Bremenkamp's resignation.

"There are some things that have happened, and again I don't believe there was any intent or wrong doing. Most of them will be proven completely unfounded," Mayor Thoma said confidently.

The mayor says he's received nothing but support for Bremenkamp since Friday.

"The citizens of Elgin are really angry. We had one young man that wore a sign saying 'Honk if you want to bring Carl back.' I have not got one negative comment that pertains to the chief," Mayor Thoma said.

He wants the citizens to know their police department is still a department that aims to protect and serve, and can be trusted.

"They're good officers, we've got a family of good officers. You have to have people that you can trust, and I think we have that and we will continue to have that,"

Said Mayor Thoma.

For now, Paul Tracy is the acting police chief. The city will start looking over applicants to name a new police chief in a month if possible.

Mayor Thoma says the sheriff's department will help patrol the city while the department is short staffed. He also noted that their school resource officer, Cindi Tracy, is also retiring after the school year, but says it has nothing to do with Bremenkamp's resignation.

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