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UPDATE: Crews recover body in West Cache Creek

COTTON COUNTY, Okla_ It was a somber day in Cotton County after crews recovered the body of a 15-year-old boy in West Cache Creek.

His body was spotted just after 4 Saturday morning in the creek north of State Highway 5. At 9 Lawton Fire Department removed the body from the creek.

It was an all night affair for rescue crews in Cotton County searching for the body of a 15-year-old boy who went missing after his kayak capsized in West Cache Creek.

Though it was trying for them, Cotton County's Sheriff, Kent Simpson, says he can't imagine what it is like for this boy's family.

"My heart just goes out for the family. You just can not soak the pain that they are going through up. It's just tremendous," Simpson said.

All the search crews had to deal with a fast current keeping a majority of the search with boots on the ground instead of in the water.

"We walked both of the sides of the creek with four-wheelers, raisers, horseback and on foot," Simpson said. "The most difficult thing was terrain. There's just no way to actually get down there."

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says the river on Friday was about 6 feet higher than it was Saturday, and they say that lowering is probably what helped lead to the discovery of the boy's body.

The community rallied together doing what they could to find the boy. Those who couldn't help search helped the department in a whole different way.

"If you have people volunteering to bring coffee and food and to help in that manner that frees officers up to where we stay on the scene. We did not leave the scene. We stayed here around the clock and could work," Simpson said.

The sheriff isn't just praising the helping hand of the Cotton County community, but also the departments outside that helped make this recovery happen especially before any more storms could make the water rise.

"We had departments come from miles and miles to lend a hand with equipment and manpower and we can't tell them enough how thankful we are that they spent their money and their time and came to help our department," Simpson said.”

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