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Tornado leaves residents picking up the pieces

ELMER, Okla._Now 24 hours after the twister rolled through, several residents are left picking up the pieces of their homes.

When the tornado formed South of Elmer the Leaf family could see the rain wrapped funnel off their back porch.

"Watched it form and saw all the clouds gathering and everything and then my dad said we have got to go and they went and got into the shower," said Brad Leaf.

Brad Leaf says parents' house took a direct hit when the tornado came but quick thinking saved their lives.

The Leafs took shelter in the bathroom 10 minutes before the tornado hit. Oddly enough this is the only part of the house that is still standing but they said just because of the noise they knew the rest of their house had been destroyed.

"They could feel the vibration and their ears popped and then the air pressure changed and then all of a sudden they could hear the hail hitting the floor," said Leaf.

As soon as they realized they were safe they called their son to let him know that the two story house they had lived in for more than a decade was destroyed. Leaf says he was in Lawton when he got the call and left as soon as he could but what should have been an hour and a half trip lasted much longer. He had to make 3 detours to avoid the storms.

"Turn back, went to Snyder and went to business bypass around and then finally over 2 hours later got here my dad told me just imagine the worst so and that is what it was devastation," said Leaf.

The devastation spans the tornado's path knocking down barns, taking trees and power poles and snapping them like twigs. Both of David Witt's barns were blown to pieces on his property outside of Tipton.

"As you can see it's all gone but the tractor we managed to salvage it. It just rolled it over and we believe we can salvage it fix it but the rest of it we kissed it goodbye," said Witt.

The one sentiment that echoed for residents affected by the tornado was that lives are worth much more than material things. Leaf says it is a miracle his parents were spared.

"Thank the lord. Thank the lord," said Leaf.

Residents say about 5 homes were destroyed in the area of Elmer along with barns and other out buildings.

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