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Man loses barn to tornado, glad no one hurt

GERONIMO, Okla._The clear weather has allowed some people in the area to get a closer look at the damage the storms caused, and start the cleanup process.

One storm in southern Comanche County spawned a tornado that touched down twice, just a few miles apart. The first touchdown was near Geronimo, and then it dropped again around Bethel Road and Coombs Road. It destroyed a barn, tore part of the roof off a house and damaged trees along the way.

Kenneth Klein and his family were out on the porch watching the storm roll in when he decided the women and children needed to take shelter.

"It got severe rain, wind, the trees were twisting a little bit and that is when we decided we need to get them in the basement," said Klein.

He and his brother-in-law stayed in the living room until it passed.

"We weren't really concerned. My thought at the time was we probably don't have anything to worry about until the electricity goes off. I was wrong," explained Klein.

Klein received calls about damage in the area and decided to go help. He removed tree branches from the road around the area and checked on his neighbor whose roof had blown off. He didn't know what had happened to his own property at the time.

"One of my neighbors called and asked if we were OK. I said ‘yeah we are fine. Why?' He had come up here and had a big spotlight and stuff and he said ‘your barn blew away,'" recalled Klein.

He says the damage to the barn was strange. A 25-foot pole, buried two feet into the ground, was completely sucked out, but a tractor right next to it didn't have a scratch.

"It was really weird. I had an 8-foot diameter water trough and a 6-foot in the barn. The 8-foot water trough was still there, but the 6-foot hadn't found it. It's gone," said Klein.

He's gone over his land a bit and says he's found debris as far as half-a-mile away from the barn. He also thinks the damage is going to be roughly $40,000. He's not sure how much of it will be covered by insurance, but one thing he is sure of, he's glad the tornado took its path to the barn and not the house.

"We can replace a barn. We can't replace our relatives," said Klein.

Klein hasn't had the best luck with the spot the barn is at. He first built a barn right at that spot in 1978. April 10, 1979, we all know as "Terrible Tuesday" went right over that spot and destroyed that barn too.

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