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Cache High School faculty showcase talents

CACHE, Okla._Cache High School faculty took the stage to show that their talents go far beyond books and blackboards.

From dancing to singing, and even a little rapping, the faculty showcased their skills in nine separate acts. Cache has held several student talent shows in the past, but this was the first time the students got to sit back and watch their teachers perform.

While they did have some pretty impressive talents, the faculty says their goal wasn't just to show off their skills. They say finals are always a stressful time for their students and they just wanted to let their students have a little break and show them their teachers and faculty aren't all that bad.

Principal Corey Holland and assistant basketball coach Christian Lawyer closed out the show with a surprising rap performance.

"Coach Lawyer and Mr. Holland's rap. That was pretty crazy."

"Probably our principal's. Mr. Holland and his rap is really funny."

Principal Holland came up with the idea for the talent show. He says just because students are there to learn, there's no reason why they can't have a little fun while doing it.

"I think as much as possible, people should enjoy what they do. Anybody who gets in this business, the kid business, it's because you love being around kids and kids make you feel young and sometimes some people never grow up," said Holland.

His sidekick for the day, coach Lawyer, says trying to keep this fun environment at school actually helps learning.

"Not lazy, but relaxed. They're going to feel more comfortable, they're probably going to retain more information," said Lawyer.

Students, like Hailee Faustner, say with faculty like coach Lawyer and principal Holland, there's never a dull moment at Cache High, making it easy to get up for school in the mornings.

"It's not always serious here, but we get our stuff done and it's also a lot of fun all the time," said Faustner.

Principal Holland says whenever something works at Cache, it usually becomes a tradition. So, with as much fun as they had, it's highly likely the talent show will be making a comeback next year.

Students at Cache High begin semester testing on Wednesday, and will end the school year Thursday.

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