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Elgin's weather siren protocol

ELGIN, Okla._The Elgin Fire Department wants their residents to know the protocol for when they sound the alarms during severe weather.

This past Saturday, the department took heat for not sounding the alarms, even though the city was not in danger. Elgin's fire chief, Mike Baker, says during storms they are in contact with trained spotters and the county's emergency management officials. They sound the sirens when a threat is present for the city.

Baker also says an amateur spotter caused panic Saturday when he ran into businesses and started yelling to take cover even though the storm was still two hours away.

"His information wasn't correct, and it creates panic and makes the business owners mad that they ran everyone out when it wasn't needed," explained Baker.

Baker says when they sound the sirens, it will be for three minutes, and they will not sound an all-clear siren. He adds if there is a tornado on the ground, the siren will stay on until it has cleared the area.

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