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More than 30 homes in Jefferson County flooded

WAURIKA, Okla._More than 30 homes in Jefferson County are flooded and residents are preparing for more.

Over the past three days, an already saturated Waurika soaked up another 6.5 inches of rain, with an additional 4-to-6 inches forecasted to fall over the next two days. The county is hoping to minimize damage by sandbagging. Around 4,500 sandbags have already been handed out. In Waurika, there are sandbags in front of almost every home.

Video taken by Amanda Phillips of her backyard in Ryan shows flood water covering all but the tops of chicken coops and a barn. What you can't see in the video are the two pickup trucks fully submerged.

"I mean, it was 12 and a half feet in my front yard," Phillips said.

Phillips says Beaver Creek flows behind her house and they were fully surrounded by flood waters. She says it got so bad on Wednesday that she was forced to hop in her boat to get to higher ground until the water subsided.

Phillips says one of the most traumatic moments before leaving her home was when she had to scramble to find a way to set their animals loose to save them from drowning in their hutches and coops.

"We had to trek through waist deep water just to release the animals because we had chickens and rabbits that had to be released and we didn't have a choice," Phillips explained.

After the water subsided, Phillips says county workers placed 130 sandbags around her house. However, they don't think they will be enough to hold back the water when it starts to flood again.

"We are just anticipating worse weather. I mean, they started to sandbag the front of the house to try to divert the water away from the house and try to salvage the home because that is really the point that we are at," she said.

Phillips and her husband plan to hope for the best, but as a precaution they have marked a spot in the yard with a t-post spray painted orange.

"We have a boat and a trailing motor, and we have set it by the front door and we marked a spot in the yard that we feel it might be a little bit dangerous to stay after that point," said Phillips.

Phillips says she and her husband are staying put because she can't bear to come back and see everything gone and taken without a fight.

"I didn't want to lose things that I can't replace. The rest of it, I mean, if it washes away it washes away, but I would like to try to hang on to as many memories as I can," said Phillips.

If Jefferson County residents would like to pick up sandbags, they can get them at the county barn in Waurika, which is just west of Highway 81 on 'D' Street.

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