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Miracle dog survives flood

CACHE, Okla._The people of Cache are left picking up the pieces after major flooding caused so much devastation. The neighborhoods of Shady Lane and Rock Creek were completely flooded when water from west cache creek overcame its banks Saturday night. The water went from ankle deep to feet deep in less than 20 minutes. Many people had to flee leaving pets and valuables behind while some were stranded on the roves of their homes. There are pieces of clothing strewn about, metal fences knocked down by the force of the water, and vehicles literally picked up and moved several yards away.

Many of these trees in these neighborhoods that were flooded have become catchalls for debris. The Watson's have lived in their home in Rock Creek for 30 years and in that time their home has been flooded 3 times but Nolan Watson says he have never seen it this bad.

"We began to gather a few things to put in the truck and we also gathered our pets and by the time we were able to make it to the truck it was already ankle deep and I could not see the front yard by the time we were leaving it was about 2 or 3 feet out at the mailbox," said Nolan.

Although, they were lucky enough to make it out of the neighborhood before they were trapped by the flood waters they left one very important member of the family behind.

Nolan's wife Jan Watson says their Weimaraner Gretel was in the garage and they didn't have time to get her before they left. They thought by the time they were able to come back that she had drown.

"We saw the line on the garage door how high the water had gotten and she was down on the floor so I was really sad then," said Jan Watson.

Watson's son went to the side door of the garage and found Gretel.

"She's on top of the mustang! She had crawled out of her kennel over there and bent it open enough to get out and she was standing on top of my 65' mustang convertible," said Watson.

"She is sort of an escape artist anyway and so this was one time when it worked out really well for her," said Watson.

For many of the families in both the neighborhoods affected in Cache when a flood comes there are some things that are lost that will never be recovered.

"You have to sort through things can this be saved? Can we make something out of this? What about this? How about this family picture of a loved one that we won't be able to replace. Should we try to keep it? It's an endurance process and of course it becomes very emotional," said Nolan Watson.

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