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Garden Village residents clean up after flood

LAWTON, Okla_ The mandatory flood evacuations for Garden Village and Turtle Creek neighborhoods have been lifted and residents are returning home.

Monday morning, homeowners got their first look at the damage. Some said the water reached as high as a foot inside their house.

Residents in both additions in northeast Lawton, just off Rogers Lane were forced to evacuate early Sunday morning when East Cache Creek started spilling over.

East Cache Creek is finally receding and that has allowed residents to return home in northeast Lawton and assess any flood damage.

"As fast as that water rose I was afraid it was going to be higher," Gary Puckett, a homeowner in Garden Village, said.

Puckett says early Sunday morning he and his wife woke up to sirens as fire fighters tried evacuating the neighborhood.

In just minutes, he packed up some belongs and says the water crossed the street and made it to their driveway making it impossible to drive and they had to be evacuated by riding in a front-end loader.

"It was a scary ride and I am in construction and it scared me," Puckett said.

"My feet were on that bucket scoop and I was holding like this and had my wife sitting there and if that thing would have flipped over or floated where I could grab my wife. That was what my thought process was."

Some of the worst areas in Garden Village had water up to two and a half feet. At the Puckett household the water was just inches away from being able to rush through the windows.

"The damage is done, I'm very devastated," Puckett said.

Luckily, Puckett has flood insurance, but it doesn't get him off the hook when it comes to cleaning up; something that will be a lengthy process.

"The next step is to see what is salvageable. Most things will just have to be thrown away. See what things are salvageable," Puckett said.

He went through the 2007 flood and now this one, Puckett says it will be his last.

"I'm selling, I'm out of here. I won't be doing that again," Puckett said.

Assistant City Manager Jim Russell says residents with flood damage will be able to take debris to their curb, and the city will organize a day for flood trash pickup.

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