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Comanche County declared a disaster area

COMANCHE COUNTY, Okla_ The mass damage caused in all of Comanche County caused commissioners to declare the county as an emergency area.

This gets the ball rolling to bring in FEMA to assess the damage. That potentially brings in federal disaster relief funding to both residents and the county to help repair all the destruction the flooding caused.

There's still flooding going on so the damage total is rising and doesn't have a definite number yet.

To declare the emergency, the county had to have at least $400,000 of uninsured damage, but County Commissioner, Don Hawthorne, says he wouldn't be shocked if it reached $2 million.

Jeff Hanabass in Indiahoma had his home lifted and nearly floated away in Sandy Creek until a deep rooted tree stopped it.

"We had got stuff out of the house, and we waited out and were getting the gas trucks out of the barn. We were here for part of it but it got to deep so we left," Hanabass said.

However, that didn't stop it from destroying his pool, a 30-foot travel trailer, and an 18 by 20 foot add on to his home.

"I was just happy at least part of it was here so maybe I could get something out of it," Hanabass said.

He's already requested through the Western County Commissioner to have FEMA assess damage done to his property.

The damage in the county is not just limited to private property. Commissioner Hawthorne says the damage at this bridge on northwest Cross Road over Sandy Creek is the worst he's seen as a commissioner.

"It kind of took my breath away. I'm kind of scared of heights and I thought whoa this is deep," Hawthorne said.

Both sides of the bridge are washed out going around 20 feet below the surface of the road.

Hawthorne says it'll have to be inspected before repairs can even happen, but other bridges not as bad won't. They'll have to be repaired as soon as possible in hopes that fema will eventually repay for the damages.

"You know just looking at the damage in our district; I've been trying to figure out how you assess the impact of it. It's almost overwhelming," Hawthorne said.

Hawthorne says the county is trying to get Governor Mary Fallin down to the area to take a look at the damage. He says if that happens these are two of the places he'd like to show her.

Tuesday, Governor Fallin also declared a state of emergency for all the Oklahoma counties. This will also allow state agencies to make emergency purchases to expedite the repair process.

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