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Family survives flood by rooftop rescue

CACHE, Okla._More amazing survival stories continue to emerge from this weekend's disaster.

A family in Cache was rescued from their rooftop early Sunday morning after escaping their flooded home.

The Easter's have lived along Cache Creek for more than 40 years, and survived the flood of 2007, but this year's flood washed out 50 feet of their land and flooded their home, destroying everything in its path.

Dennis Easter was on his way home from picking up sandbags and railroad ties, when he got a terrifying call from his daughter saying his wife was about to drown.

He said by the time he got to the house, his daughter was outside, clinging to a patio post for dear life.

"When I got to her, I thought, 'my gosh, I can't hold her, she lets go of this post, I can't get her out of here; but I said come on, we're going Cindy, we're getting out of here," Easter said.

Once getting his daughter out of the current, he and three others headed back to the house for his wife.

"We got to the patio, and there had been a large log deposited and trapped at the patio, where we could step up on the roof," he said.

They got into the house, kicked out the kitchen window, and started for the roof.

“I said, ‘guys we cannot let her feet get in that current, we'll lose her. It'll take her away like an elephant pulling her,'" Easter said.

One by one, all seven of them were able to get safely on to the roof. Where they sat until about 2:30 in the morning.

"A young man with a bass boat, a very nice bass boat, comes through hitting debris...he got to us, got us off of that roof."

He said they thought the current was going to take the boat with it, like it did his 30,000 pound cargo containers.

"Carried [them] like a tooth pick, and here we are in a little-bitty bass boat, trying to go the other direction."

They were all able to make it out on the boat. Easter estimates between the cargo container's contents and his home, he lost about a million dollars.

"This is just stuff, I've got my family,” Easter said.

Easter said they have raised three generations in that house and are now left with a tough decision.

"This creek has been wonderful to us, we've enjoyed it. This house, it is home. And now we've got the big question, 'can we stay at all?'"

The Easter's aren't alone in their clean-up efforts. He said the members of the Redeemer Baptist Church canceled their Sunday morning service to spend the afternoon helping them pick up.

The Easter's said they're touched by the out pour of support.

"Incredible, incredible what people have done for us," he said.

While most of their things will have to be replaced, Easter said his family got out safely and they are irreplaceable.

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