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Man saves woman stranded in flooded out car

LAWTON, Okla._Fortunately, even though Thursday night's downpour stranded many drivers, and forced some people from their homes, there were no deaths or serious injuries.

However, some people did experience close calls, including one woman who found herself in danger when she tried to move to higher ground outside the Lawton Community Theater.

Ashton Patton tried to move her car from where it was parked on the street, to the parking lot where the ground was higher but, as soon as she put her car in gear, it got picked by the water and headed straight for the creek.

"The water was already starting to overflow there, so I'm like I'm going to go over the creek," Patton said.

Patton said she immediately put the car in reverse, and floored it, causing her car to be pinned on the curb.

I could not to get out because the water was very high up, like above the door. I felt the water rising on my feet and ankles and I just got really freaked out," Patton recalled.

Managing Director Martha McCartney said she was terrified.

"If it had gone into that bubbling water, I don't know where she'd have been," McCartney said.

A few minutes later, a stranger came wading through the waist deep water.

"A man came up and said can I help and I said yes please, get Ashton out of the car," McCartney said.

“I knew when he was coming my way, everything was going to be okay," Patton said.

The man was able to pull Patton out of her car through the window. He even made a second trip back to try and roll up the windows to save the interior of her car, but with a dead motor was unsuccessful.

The Lawton Community Theater has been prone to flooding in the past, and officials recently installed door dams to help protect it from rising flood waters.

With a show scheduled for next week McCartney said it was all hands on deck to get the theater show-ready.

"We're working really hard, we've got lots of volunteers down here and we really appreciate them so very much," McCartney said.

She said nearly four inches of water flooded the theater, but that the show must go on.

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