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City asks residents to mow lawns after recent rains

LAWTON, Okla._Due to the recent rains, many homeowners have been unable to mow their yards.

But now that things are beginning to dry out, the City of Lawton is asking residents to get back to work on their overgrown grass and weeds. The city's Neighborhood Services Department says homeowners who do not tame their grass will be issued a warning. If the yard is still not taken care of, the city will be forced to do it for them.

Not only are unruly lawns an eyesore, but they also diminish property value and are the perfect hiding place for rodents and other pests.

Robert Boykin was out mowing Monday afternoon and says even through the rainy weather, he did his best to keep his lawn under control

"As soon as it got dry enough, I'd jump on it and then jump on it again," said Boykin.

He says unkempt yards not only look unappealing, but also diminish property value.

"I like to keep my yard pretty and clean, not only for myself, for the other people around the city of Lawton," said Boykin.

"I've already seen five or six yard out there with people out mowing," said Manuel Cruz, one of the city's code enforcement officers.

Cruz says tall grass is just a breeding ground for rodents and other pests.

"The infestations of mosquitoes, insects and rodents. I've personally seen a few mice and a snake of two," said Cruz.

Boykin says even at 68 years old, he doesn't mind the yard work.

"Glad to be able to do it as long as I can, as long as my health is right, and if I can't do it I'm going to have to pay someone else to do it, so that'll be okay too,” said Boykin.

Cruz says residents whose yards remain un-mowed will be taken care of by the city, but on the homeowner's dime.

"They vary with the size of the property, but most of them run within $89 to $120," explained Cruz.

If your home is issued a warning, you have 10 days before the city will send out a crew to mow your lawn. They said they are still being reasonable about yards that may still be muddy and difficult to mow, it will just require that you give neighborhood services a call and ask for an extension.

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