A Child Who Hopes: Daniel, Tanner and Jasmine

A Child Who Hopes: Daniel, Tanner and Jasmine

LAWTON, Okla._Adding three children to your family may sound like a handful, but when you think about it, that's three times the love and joy they can bring.

Living apart has been tough for Daniel, Tanner and Jasmine.

"It feels like we only get to visit each other five times a year and then we're done.

That's how it feels like. It can't get any worse. Can it," asked Jasmine.

The boys, ages 13 and 11, live in a residential home while 9-year-old Jasmine is miles away in foster care. But on this day, the three amigos are back together and having lots of fun.

"She's a little mixture of a couple of things," said Daniel as he described his younger sister. "Funny, sometimes really annoying."

But easy going Daniel takes it all in stride as Jasmine and Tanner are counting on him to be strong.

"He's always there to pick me up when I fall down and lift me up when my spirits are low," Tanner said of his older brother.

Tanner is the quiet, deep-thinker of the family and Jasmine is the talkative one the group. They're all active in sports and musically gifted. The boys even gave a performance of their favorite Christian rap song. And not to be outdone, Jasmine, a Justin Bieber fan, can sing too.

The children say they would like to live in the country where there's plenty of space to run around, but what they really want is one family to adopt them and raise them under the same roof.

A Child Who Hopes airs the first Tuesday of each month on 7News. For more information on how you can help, go to adoptokkids.org or call 1-800-376-9729.