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Mayoral candidates: Fitch and Williams

LAWTON, Okla._Lawton's mayoral election is June 9 and two candidates are hoping for your votes.

Incumbent Mayor Fred Fitch has served as mayor for the last six years and was formerly a successful business owner. Fitch's challenger, Sherene L. Williams is a Lawton native and retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army.

Both candidates are geared toward making economic changes in Lawton. Fitch wants to focus on expanding the city eastward, and Williams is hoping to bring in better paying jobs.

In an effort to expand the business on Lawton's east side, Fitch's plan is to build an industrial park in that area, but it is dependent upon the completion of a multi-million dollar sewer line project.

"The nine-mile line, which is very important that's out on the east side of town, that would open up land that is within the Lawton public system and all the ad valorem taxes would go to Lawton Public Schools and we could develop up to 17,000 homes in that area," explained Mayor Fitch.

Fitch says if reelected, he will continue working to find alternative water resources so future generations aren't in the same drought-restricted water situation as we were just a few weeks ago.

"Lawton has a lot of aquifers under it, and there is good water and there is some that would have to be treated, but we're looking at drilling 8-10 wells," said Mayor Fitch.

Sherene L. Williams says residents have expressed similar concerns about the economic development in Lawton to her.

"Part of the plan is, for me, if elected as mayor, I will work with the Chamber of Commerce and we will come up with a plan to see how we can bring higher paying jobs to the city of Lawton,” said Williams.

Williams says she would like to see a change in how the city treats the youth in the community.

"We take at least one hour out of our busy schedule per week and work with the youth. Teach them morals and principles, because you and I both know one day that they will be sitting where you and I are, and they need to know how to be productive citizens," said Williams.

Voters will start casting ballots for who will be Lawton's next mayor when early voting begins Thursday, June 4, and will continue on Friday, June 5, at the Comanche County Courthouse. Election Day is Tuesday, June 9.

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