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Lawton Fort Sill welcomes the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women

LAWTON, Okla._Women from across Oklahoma will make their way to Lawton Saturday to attend the 2015 Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women's Annual Summer Conference. The conference will mark the group's first organized trip to Lawton for a meeting since its inception in 1941.

“I asked the group at a meeting how many of them had ever been to Lawton and only a quarter of the group responded,” said Cleta Malone, former president of the Great Plains Chapter of the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women. “I was shocked. We are so impressed with the progress we have made down here, and I think it's time we had the opportunity to show that off.”

The meeting, one of four statewide meetings the OFRW puts on each year, will take place in the Prairie Building at the Comanche County Fairgrounds. The purpose of the meetings, Malone said, is to handle the non-profits general business agenda while also allowing the opportunity for the women to enjoy each other's company and prepare for upcoming elections.

“We are always in fundraising mode,” she said. “We are always preparing and teaching our group how to assist candidates during election times, and in some cases, how to develop into a potential candidate.”

While the meeting is an opportunity to cross of items on the business agenda, more than 30 women will be heading to town a day early for a fun, educational night on the town, including citywide tour of Lawton Fort Sill hosted by the Chamber of Commerce.

“It is important for the other chapters in the state to see where everyone comes from,” said Carrie Tubbs, president of the Great Plains OFRW. “We all stand for the same things … we believe in liberty and we believe in keeping our morals high. Learning the environment each woman comes from help to understand their backgrounds and approach to achieving the same goals.”

The tour will leave the Hilton at 4 p.m. Friday and head to Fort Sill for its first stop, the most important one to Tubbs.

“I want them (OFRW) to see how impressive it (Fort Sill) is,” she said. “I know a lot of women in the group have never been there.”

From there the group will tour downtown Lawton, historical sites and each shopping district before ending up in Medicine Park. The Medicine Park Aquarium and Natural Science Center will open its doors for the tour and provide a feeding demonstration with its piranhas. The tour will end with a nice dinner at the Old Plantation.

The Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women was founded in 1921 as the Oklahoma Republican Women's Club by Alice M. Robertson, the only woman in congress in Oklahoma. In 1941, the club was federated and became the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women. Currently, the group has 30 clubs across the state with more than 1300 active members. The Great Plains chapter was founded in 2007.

For more information, contact Jacob Russell, Tourism Director, at (580) 355-3541.

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