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Flood victims get recovery assistance

LAWTON, Okla._A story of survival, one woman loses it all in Hurricane Katrina and moves to Lawton to escape high waters for good, only to find herself back in a situation she remembers so vividly.

Gwavonne Hall was one of the many people in Lawton who were forced from their homes when the floodwaters rose rapidly last month. She was part of a group of flood victims who came to Lawton's Holy Family Catholic Church to receive free food and cleaning supplies.

Hall says she left the state of Louisiana and came to Oklahoma to get away from high water. She says the help she has received here was much quicker, and she's grateful for that.

After having lost everything more than one time, Hall says it has instilled in her a readiness and her faith has kept her strong.

"I mean, it is a devastating thing to lose everything and be homeless, but other than that we have a God and know it will work out," said Hall.

Mark Lopez, one of the volunteers, says several people in the community have stopped by and they are hopeful to see many more.

"We're expecting upward of 200, however, we anticipate that we're going to have enough supplies to give out a little more if necessary," said Lopez.

Volunteers came from all over the state of Oklahoma and Lopez says that all they want is to see the supplies go to those in need.

"Get a ride, call a taxi, call your buddy, do whatever you have to do, come on down here and help empty out our gym. We have a lot of stuff," said Lopez.

As for Hall, she says this is big help as she starts over.

"This is where it's at, because when you've lost everything and you don't know where to go and you don't know what to do, it's good to have places like this to help you through this," said Hall.

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