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Duncan neighborhood worried about new development

DUNCAN, Okla._Some residents in Duncan are uneasy over plans to develop land near their neighborhood and the unwanted traffic it could bring.

The new Elk Run addition is mapped to be built on agricultural land just east of the Duncan bypass. The land will potentially be rezoned for residential and commercial development in the area. Residents hope the city will listen to their concerns, and take action.

Residents have been able to express how they feel with the city and the Elk Run developer, and the leaders are taking what neighbors are thinking in to play.

Doug Channel has lived in his neighborhood on Duncan's west side for eight years. He's not a fan of the proposal to open the empty spaces around him to apartments and businesses.

"We don't want to have a lot of unwanted traffic through here and possibly decreased property value due to the extra traffic we will see tying our addition to the commercial zone," said Channel.

Channel says he is worried they are forcing their neighborhood into the new addition that is in planning.

"I just have concerns that they want to open our nice neighborhood up into the commercial district into the multi-family districts, and that's causing concerns for our quiet neighborhood that we have here," said Channel.

Dana Schoening, the city's director of development, wants residents to know that the leaders want to hear what they are thinking.

"We received a number of comments and those comments are very important to us because they are taking into account any other request that is associated with this issue,” said Schoening.

"Everyone on my street is pretty concerned about it. It's not that we don't want to see Duncan grow, we just want to protect our neighborhood at the same time," said Channel.

Neighbors attended the planning commission meeting last week and were able to talk with the developer. They also plan on attending the City Council meeting to further discuss the issues.

The rezoning project was originally going to be on Tuesday's City Council agenda, but it has been delayed until July 21 when the council will discuss and hear from Duncan residents. At that meeting, they will only discuss the potential of rezoning for more single-family homes. The proposed changes to allow apartments and commercial development will be discussed later.

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