Lawton City Council to decide $1 surcharge change

Lawton City Council to decide $1 surcharge change

LAWTON, Okla._Lawton officials are meeting to discuss the future of Lawton.

The Lawton City Council is considering removing the $1 surcharged that was added to water bills since the cloud seeding contract has been canceled. The City Council is also considering adding a new $1 surcharge to keep trash collection at twice a week, instead of going to once a week model.

The meeting will also play the stage for the discussion of the city's budget for the new fiscal year. Acting City Manager Jerry Ihler says they were able to come up with a reduced budget that cuts 12 city positions, but stresses that the cuts will not result in layoffs.

"Some of those positions come from streets division, cement finishers, positions that have been vacant for some time that have been difficult to fill. Nobody loses a job, there is still a net reduction of 12 positions, and overall a net reduction in the operating budget of $2.1 to $2.2 million from last year's budget," explained Ihler.

If the council agrees on the surcharges, the trash pickup charge would go into effect July 1, and the cloud seeding charge would be dropped immediately.

The meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, June 9. You can count on 7News to bring you their decision from City Hall tonight after the game.