Students get hands-on training at Fort Sill

Students get hands-on training at Fort Sill

FORT SILL, Okla._Students from across the state started Tuesday morning at Fort Sill with physical training and some hands-on experience.

It was all part of a week-long program with Youth Leadership of Oklahoma. Soso Lee, a MacArthur High student, was among the 52 seniors who were selected, where simulations were set up as if they were in the battle zone.

Students spent Tuesday learning about laser designators and radio equipment that is used to locate where the enemy is standing by.

"You really got to see what they have to do and the life of a solider and it's just really cool, because we got to do a simulation of shooting and the bombs and stuff on Fort Sill," said Lee.

Watching out for possible air strikes was not her favorite part of the day. Lee's favorite part is what most basic trainees dread, the early morning ritual of physical training.

"This is going to sound really weird, but I kind of like how the drill sergeants were yelling at us to work harder because it really made me push myself in a way that I never had to before," said Lee.

Youth director Lee Anne Stone says Fort Sill is a stop they make each year to educate the students.

"I think more than anything they leave from here every year and they have such a respect for the military, so much more than they had in years past," says Stone.

Stone has been the youth director for eight years.

Activities are scheduled all week for the group including stops in Guthrie, Stillwater and the Oklahoma Capitol.